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The Hologram of Europe is composed of 27 stone pillars for the 27 member states of European Union, 6 additional pillars for those countries or regions that function outside the Union yet belong to Europe and one lithopuncture stone for Ljubljana, the host of the project.

The idea is to create a blue print of Europe and to find for each country the role it plays within its pattern. Interacting with the deeper layers of existence and of consciousness, Hologram of Europe represents Slovenian contribution to the process of creating a holistic communion of European countries and nations.
The tool used in creating the Hologram of Europe is lithopuncture, a method of Earth acupuncture that works through resonances within the morphogenetic fields of the ambience. Interacting with vital energies and consciousness of the given environment (in this case with the organism of Europe) it is possible to release creative impulses that are directed in a precise way by the so-called “cosmogrammes”, a kind of ideograms carved upon the lithopuncture pillars.
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European organism is a rounded up holon organised along a backbone that winds from Crete through the Central Europe till Iceland. One can imagine the backbone of Europe as an energy channel connecting Mediterranean with the Atlantic ocean. Along the backbone channel are situated energy fields that can be compared with chakras of the human body. Slovenia is positioned at a sensitive point of the back bone channel, just before the field of the solar plexus (Central Europe) turns over to the sexual field (Balkans).
In the terms of the ancient Greek culture, such a point is called “Omphalos”, the navel of the world. In the case of Slovenia one can speak of the navel of Europe, the source of its identity.

The north-western border of Slovenia indeed marks the only point in Europe where the three big European language groups meet, the Romanic, Germanic and Slavic.
The purpose of the Geopuncture circle Hologram of Europe is to realise that role of Slovenia and to open the source of Europe’s identity to become blessing for all European countries and nations, as well as for the Earth as the whole.
Hologram of Europe is part of a larger project of “Geopuncture Circles”. The idea is to touch the Earth at different sensitive points world-wide through complex lithopuncture circles with the aim to initiate communication between humanity and the Earth consciousness. Each of the Geopuncture circles presents one aspect of the emerging holistic and peaceful civilisation upon the Earth. During the years 2005-08 Geopuncture Circles were created in Zagreb, Tamera (Portugal), Prague, Louiseville, (Kentucky) and Ljubljana.
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